catuaba-amazing gift

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catuaba – nature – amazing gift – suitable for men and women

1. catuaba helps to gives a huge boost in energy and confidence.

2. Catuaba helps with erection, impotence, erectile dysfunction.

3. Catuaba increases sexual thoughts, increases libido for men and also women.

4. Catuaba gives high levels of sexual motivation

5. Catuaba elevates your mood, and gives you a cheerful disposition.

6. Catuaba makes your penis look larger and fuller.

7. Catuaba gives a noticeable buzzing or tingling sensation in your penis and testicles.

8. Catuaba helps central nervous system stimulant, helps as a nerve tonic

9. Catuaba helps to enhance memory, Alzheimer disease

10. Catuaba helps anti-inflammatory conditions (arthritis)

11. Catuaba helps body stimulant, Bacterial infection

12. Catuaba helps Cancer of the skin, Depression

13. Catuaba helps High blood pressure

14. Catuaba helps Improve Fatigue / exhaustion

15. Catuaba helps HIV infection, Stress

16. Catuaba also helps to Parkinson disease

17.Catuaba treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and frequent urination at night.

How to use Catuaba ?
Take a sachet before 1 hour (sexual activity) (for age 25-45 ½ sachet 1-2 days) (above 50 use 1 sachet 1-3 days). Tear the sachet, and pour the powder under your tongue. Leave it there until, it dissolve in your mouth. (minimum 20 seconds). Then drink some water.

Price revised from: 01/01/2014
price for Catuaba – 1 sachet = Rs.250/sachet.
1 box Catuaba = Rs.1800/- (8 sachets per 1 box)
1 box Catuaba = Rs.2000/- (9 sachets per 1 box)

1 box Catuaba = Rs.1850/- (for minimum 5 boxes [9 sachet])
1 box Catuaba = Rs.1800/- (for minimum 10 boxes [9 sachet])